The American Dream - Top 10 List

My American Dream

The American Dream:

Everybody has a dream, some are large, some are small, and others are plain crazy. However, we all dream together, as we aspire to live the American Dream and want the best for ourselves and America. This is not so easily accomplished. To have a dream and figuring out what it takes to make that dream a reality. That’s where Mini America comes in, as we will inspire and motivate you. Our goal is to transform you into an innovator and entrepreneur. Check out our website, join Team Mini America and get involved, start dreaming. Share your dream with us. Share your dream with the world.

My American Dream – by Eric de Groot

Mini America, destined to be one of the America’s premier destinations, is the dream of Eric Alexander de Groot, an immigrant from The Netherlands with his love for America.

As a child he regularly visited one of the top tourist attractions in his home country, where he was entertained and educated by a world of miniatures. This ultimately inspired him to develop a similar experience and bring the same kind of attraction to America, featuring all 50 states in the USA.

He is passionate about reviving the American Spirit by creating an environment where people may interact with our proud history, experience our dynamic society and feel compelled to help shape our future.

The purpose of this website is to start the process of sharing the dream, working together and(crowd) funding the Mini America Project.

Here are the top ten American Dreams

  1. Love
  2. Financial Security
  3. Starting a Business
  4. Fame
  5. Job
  6. Home owner
  7. Travel
  8. Children
  9. Car
  10. Pets

What’s your dream? Come to the Mini America to make the American Dream a reality. Become an innovator and or entrepreneur. We’ll show you how!

Exciting News for 2014...!

We are developing the Mini America Dream Tour. Here you see images of the Mini America Experience and Mobile Studio. It will come to an event near you to show you first hand what Mini America is all about, our Made in America products, offer you the opportunity to support us by making a purchase of Mini America Merchandise and finally, we are planning to include a Mobile Studio, where we will be recording your dream, your ambition, your passion as you become a part of our Mini American Dream. Below are some images, let us know what you think and or what else you would like to see us include in the Mini America Experience and Mobile Studio unit. We can't wait to hear from you as well as meet you in person.