Fact Sheet

MINIamerica-logoMedia contact: Alexis Lane, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 404 250 1709

Headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, Mini America Development is an educational theme
park modeled after best practices in the Amusements and Entertainment Industry. It is
slated to be a state of the art 21st Century facility where America comes alive in
miniature and to present the phenomenal resources available in the USA. The purpose
is to inspire and motive visitors to become innovators and entrepreneurs to improve
their own lives and status and elevate the American economy in the process. (Fact is
that 65%-80% of all jobs in the U.S. are created by the private sector.)

In addition to the physical park experience, and beyond a web and portal presence, the
virtual reality will play a major role for project development, in terms of 3D animated flyover’s
as well as entertainment, in the form of 3D architecture, avatars and gaming. The
Mini America Merchandise Line will not only be a source of revenue it serves also as a
catalyst to promote Made in America goods and services.

To date over $ 500,000.00 has been invested in sweat equity and actual dollars and a
purchase and sale agreement has been signed for 6.14 acres and 1.34 acres at the
LakePoint Sporting Community and Town Center in Northwest Atlanta, Georgia.
Announcements will be made in the near future regarding key equity and debt partners.
Mini America has extensive Intellectual Property (I.P.) well beyond the idea stage and
owns and controls over 100 U.R.L.s (Universal Record Locators) a.k.a. websites which
are well positioned to expand the Mini America brand. They are all part of the strategy
to develop and grow Mini America Enterprises into a conglomerate.

Mini America Development and Enterprises include the following four business units.

Mini America Business Units:

  • Mini America Parks & Mini Resorts
  • Mini America Merchandising
  • Mini America Museum and Mini Studios
  • Mini America Interactive Media
  • Fact Sheet

Mini America Parks & Mini Resorts

Developing Mini America – The Experience as a pilot to Mini America Parks and Mini Resorts
across the USA. (Possibly abroad) In addition, the concept is adaptable to going to existing “four
wall” locations including a number of well-known shopping malls around the USA.

Mini America Merchandising

Made in America and American Innovation are at the heart of Mini America Merchandising
Mini America wants to support our start-ups and innovators from coast-to-coast, and do our part
in connecting our visitors and fans to your products and services. Contact us, and we can help
you in your business, support the economy, and the American Dream.

Mini America Museum and Mini Studios

Even in the 21st Century many movies, TV shows, and other art forms continue to utilize
miniatures and models in their productions. Fact is that there are many famous models in
storage and we want to present them in our Mini America Museum, showcasing the history of
miniatures and model making. The Mini Studios may include a real stage and sound studio.
Mini America Interactive Media
Games and Gaming are big business and Mini America is discussing the creation of a Mini
America Interactive Game. Also, The Mini America Team has developed a prototype of the Mini
America Board Game. Furthermore, plans are underway to publish the Mini America Magazine,
as well a book detailing the Journey: The Making of Mini America – Escapism to Inspiration™

Key Executives:

Eric A. de Groot, Maarten Kuik, Ken Fuller, Robert Aldrich, Lance Carlson, John P. Bevilaqua,
John Williams, Donna Wise, LaVay Sheldon, Rik Carlson, Eli Peke, Viren Mayani.
For more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit www.miniamerica.org