Colorful Contributors

Thank you for supporting America The Colorful.

Our objective for this campaign: Invite 20 people to represent their home state, either where they were born and or grew up in (include all 50 states - 50x20) for a total of 1000 mini tiles. The inaugural Mini America Collage events will take place in Atlanta and  Georgia, where you will have the opportunity to create a mini piece of art, that will become part of this one of a kind 80" tall by 120" wide canvas. Anyone in the US or around the world can participate by purchasing and requesting one or more mini tiles. They are 3" by 3".

For more information and or to reserve your 'mini tile' visit:

 Here are the 50 states and the entire list of all the people who are participating in this most creative and customized Collage!

  1. Alabama: AL
  2. Alaska: AK
  3. Arizona: AZ
  4. Arkansas: AR
  5. California: CA
  6. Colorado: CO
  7. Connecticut: CT
  8. Delaware: DE
  9. Florida: FL
  10. Georgia: GA
  11. Hawaii: HI
  12. Idaho: ID
  13. Illinois: IL
  14. Indiana: IN
  15. Iowa: IA
  16. Kansas: KS
  17. Kentucky: KY
  18. Louisiana: LA
  19. Maine: ME
  20. Maryland: MD
  21. Massachusetts: MA
  22. Michigan: MI
  23. Minnesota: MN
  24. Mississippi: MS
  25. Missouri: MO
  26. Montana: MT
  27. Nebraska: NE
  28. Nevada: NV
  29. New Hampshire: NH
  30. New Jersey: NJ
  31. New Mexico: NM
  32. New York: NY
  33. North Carolina: NC
  34. North Dakota: ND
  35. Ohio: OH
  36. Oklahoma: OK
  37. Oregon: OR
  38. Pennsylvania: PA
  39. Rhode Island: RI
  40. South Carolina: SC
  41. South Dakota: SD
  42. Tennessee: TN
  43. Texas: TX
  44. Utah: UT
  45. Vermont: VT
  46. Virginia: VA
  47. Washington: WA
  48. West Virginia: WV
  49. Wisconsin: WI
  50. Wyoming: WY