The Intro and Made in USA sections above clearly describe our interest and passion to promote, produce and distribute American goods and services.

Our Made in America Merchandise Team has identified hundreds of quality, attractive and functional items across a myriad of industries right here in America. Presently we are working with some of these fine manufacturers who supply their existing products to us and or customize Mini America merchandise.

Thank you for supporting these Mini America partners, who like many of us are in pursuit of the American Dream, creating a better mousetrap and or the next IT invention. By shopping and or donating @ Mini America, you contribute to supporting the American economy, ultimately creating jobs as these small businesses, slowly but surely, grow. Please go to The Mini Store and find out how can buy a Mini America product. Alternatively, you can be a 'crowdfounder' and make a donation, which is tied to a Mini America reward. Take a look at all the wonderful level of incentives we have to offer.

We are looking for Partners and Partnerships

Whether your U.S. business has been around since the 19th Century or if you are a start-up or innovator, we would like to hear from you. Mini America wants to support these businesses from coast-to-coast, and do our part in connecting our visitors and fans to your products and services. Contact us, and we can help you expand your business. You can be a supplier or partner and enter into a partnership. Call today to find out what mini sponsorship program suits you. Be the first one in your state to become a Mini America partner/supplier. There are many opportunities to participate. Even title sponsorships are available.

For inquiries and participation:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We would like to recognize the following organizations that have taken the initiative and are already producing products for Mini America. We will have a vendor in each state of the union.

To see their products, please visit The Mini Store.

Darrellene Designs

CK Expressions

We also would like to recognize these American artists who are making their artwork available to Mini America. Their art can be acquired by being a crowdfounder for Mini America.

Check The Mini Store for more information, allowing you to see the beautiful and original art they have created.

Ken R. Fuller
Lance Carlson