Mini America Advertising

Mini America has a number of business units, creative campaigns as well as revenue streams. Mini Ads ™ is one of them.

We are sure that you are aware that GoogleAds generates billions of ($) dollars. Advertising is important and most businesses spend a substantial amount on name recognition and branding.

In line with what Mini America aspires to be, a fun yet educational theme park that also impacts the U.S. economy, Mini Ads ™ will be a combination of the conventional, but focused more on the individual. That could either be an innovator or entrepreneur, or even a small or midsize business that needs exposure. Beyond the print and virtual expressions, we also include a recorded audio and or video segment. These mini intros are beneficial as they can be used on a variety of other mediums and or purposes. In our long term planning we look forward to expanding outside of the U.S.A., though for now are looking for owners, founders, managers - producing Made in America goods and services, right here in the USA.