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Welcome to the Inaugural Mini Blog for Mini America Development. What is Mini America you ask? It is an Educational Theme Park.

Our objective is to inspire and motivate visitors to become innovators and entrepreneurs to stimulate the American economy. At other theme parks, management wants you to be 'happy'. Beyond you having a good time at Mini America, we also aspire for you to transform yourself, by being interested to learn something that will benefit you and our great nation. The United States of America needs to remain the #1 country in the world and when it comes to igniting innovation, we can remain the leader by developing concepts, ideas that generate Intellectual Property, aslo known as IP. This IP may include trade secrets, patents, new technology, and cummalatively has significant value and impact on the local and global economy. 

How do we accomplish all this? By developing a virtual world as well as real estate development. We already have proposals for the Gamification of Mini America, creating an app and other fun technological developments. In the actual park America comes alive in miniature and features entertainment, education and environmental sustainability. Experts in the entertainment business have made a number of recommendations in terms of strategy, size and location of these theme parks. This will include a traveling exhibit, possible retail-tainment, pop-ups, joint ventures, as well a 5-8 acre park in key cities. Ultimately, we want to develop the Mini America Park, also known as The M.A.P. where you can walk from NY to LA in 48 minutes and see all the famous landmarks and tourist destinations. For the M.A.P. we will need well over 100 acres and a substantial investment.

Made in America goods and services are very important to us, as this will immediately stimulate our domestic economy. We plan on sourcing products in all 50 states and offering these items to promote Made in the USA as well as grow our own venture. Hope you will support that effort. The Mini America Publishing division plans on celebrating companies that have been in business in the last decade, as well organizations that started 40, 50 years ago or even in the first decade of the 19th Century. Made in America by Mini America is scheduled to come out in 2014.

Yes, it is all ambitious and sounds like a dream. Fact is that we are looking for dreamers, who aspire to accomplish and live the American Dream. Remember igniting innovation, well, what's your dream? We will be capturing those dreams by interviewing the innovators and entrepreneurs who have the next best million dollar idea. (And it does not need to be a million dollars either..!) Passion, purpose and persistence is what it is all about.

And that brings us to the last comment in this Blog; the making of an educational theme park, what is involved, what does it take, who is behind it. After all, this is a huge undertaking with many ups and downs along the way. In that regard it is also a big lesson in not giving in or giving up. In this world of instant gratification it is important for this part of the story to be shared, as the hardships are real, both financially and emotionally. We look forward to both giving updates about the actual development as well as focus on the personal side, and the sacrifices that are being made.

A theme park that is all about the past, the present and the future of America. A venture that wants to make a difference and be a change agent. With 13 million people un-employed and as many as 23 million under-employed, it would be a great accomplishment if Mini America was that catalyst for people finding new careers and or starting their own business.

Stay tuned and or join the mini revolution.


October 2014

Readers of a blog that is written about the restoration of the American Dream deserve to know the writers idea of the American Dream, after all, rivers of ink have been spilled serving it, and many eloquent voices have described it.  At their heart has always been one ideal: possibility!

In 1776 it was the possibility, written by iron pen, that all men are created equal and that life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are inalienable rights. It was the possibility that a government itself be derived from this principle.   Underappreciated in history are the religious, social, economical, moral, and political differences that thirteen colonies overcame in order to strike together and secure these rights against insurmountable odds. 

In 1863 it was the possibility that civil war not destroy our nation, but that slaves could act to secure their liberty and once again expand the domain of freedom.   Untold in books is that in the aftermath of war, the phrase “The United States are” only disappeared gradually until “The United States is” finally achieved preeminence in the early twentieth century. 

In 1932 it was the possibility that a man so debilitated by polio he could not stand without leg braces could call the nation to arms when 27.5 million Americans had no income, 1 million roamed the country as hobos, and men died in tin shanties known as “Hoovervilles.”  Under bold leadership congress gave up much of its own authority and social security, minimum wage, and insured bank savings became part of American life.

In 1963 it was the possibility that a reverend who endured the horror of racism could elevate the conscience of a nation.  It was the possibility that a man jailed 14 times could battle bigotry with inspired phrases instead of revenge and scraps of paper smuggled out prison cells instead of violence and win.  When Martin Luther King would receive the Noble Prize for peace in 1964 he said “Right temporarily defeated is stronger than evil triumphant.”

In 2014 that possibility is you. Go to to find out how …..


Mini America Development 2014 - 2015

Mini America Development 2014- 2015

The focus this year is on the following:

1. America The Colorful, a Collage of 1000 Mini Tiles, where Americans from all 50 states have the opportunity to create their own Mini Tiles that will be a part of this unique canvas

2. Mini America Publishing is working on the Mini American Magazine. An overview of the Mini America Development, featuring goods and services Made in America.

3. The Mini America Mobile Experience and Studio; Designing the interior and completing the overal production of this U.S. Cargo Trailer which will kick off the Mini America Tour in 2016

4. Project 5650 is being promoted on Social Media, and on a weekly basis the focus is on one of the 50 states. Follow us on Twitter #MiniAmericaPark

5. Mini Video Logs are being produced and uploaded on a regular basis

Additional news and campaigns will be announced soon.