Be a Crowdfounder – watch America come alive in miniature!

Big ideas can be found in small places ™ is not just one of our slogans for our educational theme park, it is the reality for all ideas. Things do start small and grow from there. As you may have read on the website, we advocate ideas and innovation, starting small.

For any idea to succeed, it will require some sweat equity and funding. All ideas, without funding, have a very little chance to succeed. Now, not everybody wants to or can invest large amounts into a project that they are interested in and or want to be a part of.

In this new day and age of technology, one of the benefits is the ability to reach (literally) billions of people who are connected on line. New industries and concepts have sprung up including micro-lending and crowdfunding. (Want to know more about crowdfunding see the links below.)

Crowdfunding has raised hundreds of millions of dollars for a variety of projects. Most of them are ideas by artists, start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Some have even raised millions ‘in a few hours’. What’s most remarkable though, is the fact that the ‘sweet-spot’ is between $ 40.00 and $ 80.00, an amount that most of us can afford to support a project they like and or can be a part of.  Why participate, well, similar to having your name included in a virtual game, Mini America gives you the opportunity to have a street, a square or avenue named after you. And that is only the beginning as we will offer billboards and other innovative ways to have your name included in our mini world.

So how can you support us? Be a crowdfounder for Mini America.

Similar to crowdfunding creative ideas on these Top 10 listed companies; WeFunder, Startup Addict, Believers Fund, Rockethub, Quirky, New Jelly, Co-Folio  Kickstarter, Start Some Good and Peerbackers, (*) (see link below) you do not own any part of the company and all the money raised is strictly made up of donations. As indicated on our Mini Donation form, you can legally make a donation annually between $ 1.00 and $ 10,000.00. Meanwhile, some of the rewards that you receive are very creative including merchandise, services, virtual gifts and or participation and for the higher levels an invite to VIP events and or the Grand Opening. 

Mini America promotes Made in America products, so you know that you support our development whilst stimulating the American economy. Below are 13 levels to crowdfound Mini America. Unlike the time restrictions that are placed with the ten companies listed above, our crowdfounding rewards do not end, unless they are ‘sold out’ (total number of items, invitations or opportunities ‘all taken’) and are available until further notice or until we run our of these goods or services.

We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions or comments, do not hesitate to contact us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and or (1) 404 250 1709. Thank you for being involved, and being a crowdfounder of Mini America.

The 13 Mini Levels of Crowd-Founding Mini America™

Explore your possibilities.  Whether you are serious about celebrating America or just beginning your journey of discovery, join us at any of the following 13 levels and take genuine pride in becoming a Mini America Crowd-Founder.  Pledge as little as $ 5.00 or as much as $ 7,600.00, and receive exclusive rewards ranging from updates, certificates, decals and figurines. Let’s help the American economy - together.

All 13 mini levels have historical significance. Can you guess what they are? The answers can be found on the website under Development> Join, Support, Give @  The 13 rewards are unique, fun, personal and exciting and most important of all, these goods and services are all Made in America.

Level 1 - $ 5.00                    (Unlimited Availability)
What’s better than a certificate with your name on it? Getting it instantly! Digitally receive the Mini America Logo and Certificate of Crowd-Founding Mini America.

Level 2 - $ 9.00                    (Unlimited Availability) 
Digitally receive not only the Mini America Logo and Certificate of Crowd-Founding, but also the original graphic design for the Mini America Educational Theme Park.  Feel like an insider!

Level 3 - $ 13.00                  (5000 Available)
Digitally receive the Mini America Logo, Certificate of Crowd-Founding Mini America, and the original graphic design for the Mini America Educational Theme Park.  Also score a 13% discount coupon good towards merchandise from the Mini Store.

Level 4 - $ 27.00                  (4000 Available) 
There is nothing like receiving something in the mail.  Receive all of the above digital rewards, and we will also send you a Mini America Inaugural decal via mail. Plus get rewarded every time we select new merchandise for The Mini Store by peeking at it before it is even for sale.  It’s good being first.

Level 5 - $ 50.00                         (3000 AVAILABLE) 
Put some American Spirit in your wardrobe.  In addition to previous rewards, receive a Mini America Inaugural T-Shirt.  Go for it! Feel confident and free while you put your American Pride on display.  Also get rewarded quarterly via a complimentary subscription to the Mini Quarterly featuring updates on progress, stories, and what’s trending in Mini America.

Level 6 - $ 56.00                         (2000 AVAILABLE) 
Still receive all of the previous rewards but now walk straight to the front of the crowd.  Get your Inaugural Tee customized with your favorite state.  In addition get exclusive access to our merchandise selection team and even be part of our search process in finding the best made in America products and vendors.

Level 7 - $ 100.00                        (1000 AVAILABLE)
Be ready to show off all the above rewards at the park when it opens, and bring a friend.
Receive two tickets to come to the actual park – when it is open.  Bonus for first twenty from each state: Unleash your inner entrepreneur.  Get a real spot on our virtual merchandise team.  Join our experts and become part of the merchandise and vendor selection process.

Level 8 - $ 435.00                         (100 AVAILABLE)
America has always celebrated her leadership, now you can too.  In addition to all of the previous rewards, receive a Mini Figurine of the President (Series of Presidents).  Peaceful transition of power is a freedom that still distinguishes America and should never be taken for granted.  Celebrate it.   Also receive four tickets to visit the actual park –when it is open. 

Level 9 - $ 1,177.00                        (56 AVAILABLE)
Escape to Mini America with a group of family or friends.  Yes, you still receive all of the previous customized merchandise, the Mini Figurine of the President (Series of Presidents), and also 6 tickets and two annual passes to the park-when it is open. Become a regular.

Level 10 - $ 1776.00                       (50 Available)
Get recognized in the park and get more friends to bring.  One person per state will have a street named in their honor in the virtual world of Mini America.  Also receive eight tickets and four annual passes to the park.  Enjoy a year of magical experiences for the family.

Level 11 - $ 2,700.00                      (27 Available)
Where do you want to go in Mini America? Left? Right?  Have a square or intersection in your honor in the virtual world of Mini America.  Receive twelve tickets, six annual passes, and two life time memberships to the park.  Bonus:  Book a speech by the President of Mini America (up to 27) at a school, business, or club.  Of course still receive all of the previous rewards.

Level 12 - $ 5,000.00                      (13 Available)
Be one of the original thirteen crowd-founders.  As one of the most respected contributors to Mini America, a statue will be raised in your likeness in the virtual world of Mini America.  Yes, all previous rewards still apply plus twelve tickets, six annual passes, and four life time memberships to visit the actual park –when it is open.  Also still receive the Bonus speech by the President of Mini America (up to 13) at a school, business, or club.

Level 13 - $ 7,600.00                      (5 Available)
The prizes at this level will last a life time.  Receive twenty four tickets, twelve annual passes, and six life time memberships to the actual park –when it is open.  Five people will have a county named after their family name in the virtual world of Mini America, still including a statue in their likeness on the square.

All rewards will be processed within 24- 48 hours. In case of production, it may take 6-8 weeks for delivery, though some items may be in stock and you will be notified to let you know when you can expect for your reward (product or service) to arrive. Rewards are subject to availability.

(*) Mini America is anticipating that in 2016 the actual attraction will open. The Virtual store will be operational in 2013 and Mini America – The Virtual World will be open in 2014.

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