“The Importance of Mini America”

By the Founder & Atlanta Mini Mogul Eric de Groot

As a global educator and entrepreneur my life is dedicated to informing and educating people.
I am inspired to help change and shape society to enable each one of us to find their passion and follow their dream.

America is a society of innovators; however, we do not all have the tools nor are we in a position to start a small business. Yet, our economy largely depends on small business, as three quarters of all jobs are created by the private sector and entrepreneurs.

Theme parks, generally speaking, are places where one can have fun and be happy, escape from reality. Our vision and concept incorporates entertainment, education and environmental sustainability, allowing for visitors to be ‘happy’ but also to be individually transformed.

It is imperative for all citizens of the United States to be aware of our past, present and the challenges of the future and to elevate themselves for the sake of our posterity and for America to remain the leading nation in the world.

Eric A. de Groot, Dutch Immigrant, Proud American.