FAQ Mini America

What is Mini America?
Mini America is a premier educational theme park and virtual experience that brings America to life in miniature and focuses on entertainment, education and environmental sustainability.

Who should visit Mini America?
Virtually any area resident, tourist or visitor wants to interact with our proud history, experience the true spirit of America and to be inspired to help shape our future,

What is the purpose of Mini America?

Mini America is an experience where guests are transformed, leaving them with a passion to discover their own power to change America for the better.

What differentiates Mini America from other theme parks?

Other tourist attractions stress happiness or escapism, Mini America seeks to inspire and engage its audiences to take action.

How will Mini America accomplish that?
Our products and programs touch the mind, heart and soul of each American and global visitor at the individual level.

How can I follow Mini America?

The Mini America Experience starts at home, on your iPad and on your mobile phone. We encourage you to sign up on line and or in the near future join Club Mini America. (There is no charge)

What do you have planned for the future?

Beyond our interactive website, we plan on introducing a number of mini grassroots campaigns as well as community events. We support Made in the USA products and are working on expanding our relationships with U.S. manufacturers and vendors.

How can I be involved and make a difference?

Take a look at the different opportunities to be involved. Join our Mini America Group of 5650. Introduce us to American Manufacturers or Investors. Make a recommendation on how we can expand Mini America. Tell us your favorite U.S. landmark or tourist destination that you feel should be included online or in the actual facility. Another option is to apply to be on the Youth Council, and or one of our other groups who are excited about this venture and interested in the future of America.

How can I support Mini America?
Please visit Investor Relations where you can read more about the plans of our project and what we need in the immediate future. Beyond conventional investing there is also crowdfunding. For your information, Mini America crowdfunding, offers products and services that support our project and development. And they are of course Made in the USA.

When do you expect to open?

As far as the Mini America Experience, the Welcome Center,we are planning to break ground in 2014, though our plans are pending the development of LakePoint Sports, as they are in the process of breaking ground, building infrastructure and roads. If all goes according to plan, we should open in 2015.
While we are working on the real estate development , we are also working on the virtual world and will be announcing and introducing new products and services on an ongoing basis. Ideas, requests and recommendations are always welcome.

What do you have planned for the next few months?

The 5650 Campaign, launching in the next few months – an opportunity to get in on the ground floor of Mini America by becoming one of the first 56 'signers' declaring your independence in your state in the U.S.A. to help build Mini America. Stay tuned for more information.