Mini America Development 2014 - 2015

Mini America Development 2014- 2015

The focus this year is on the following:

1. America The Colorful, a Collage of 1000 Mini Tiles, where Americans from all 50 states have the opportunity to create their own Mini Tiles that will be a part of this unique canvas

2. Mini America Publishing is working on the Mini American Magazine. An overview of the Mini America Development, featuring goods and services Made in America.

3. The Mini America Mobile Experience and Studio; Designing the interior and completing the overal production of this U.S. Cargo Trailer which will kick off the Mini America Tour in 2016

4. Project 5650 is being promoted on Social Media, and on a weekly basis the focus is on one of the 50 states. Follow us on Twitter #MiniAmericaPark

5. Mini Video Logs are being produced and uploaded on a regular basis

Additional news and campaigns will be announced soon.