Management Team

The Mini America Team is committed to making the dream of Mini America a reality. For the past four years a substantial investment of sweat equity and actual capital has been invested. This endeavor is developed and supported by premier American brands and experts in their respective fields. Join us and invest in America today by investing in Mini America and making this dream a reality.

Eric de Groot – Founder & Managing General Partner
Maarten Kuik – Financial & Real Estate Executive
Rob Aldrich – Financial & Investment Advisor
Ken Fuller – Former Disney Imagineer; Creative Design&Studios
Lance Carlson A.I.A. – Architect & Artist
John Williams – Advertising Executive & Brand Development
John Bevilaqua – Creative Marketing & Sponsorship Executive
LaVay Sheldon – Operations, Model  & Steam Train Enthusiast
Viren Mayani – Operations & International Affairs
Rik Carlson – Pilot and Miniature Enthusiast
Eli Pele – Environmental Sustainability
Heidi Pinchall – Brand Specialist
Cliff Warner – Entertainment Business Development
David Weiss – Entertainment Creative & Content
Laurel Dowswell – Copy Writer
Catherine Laws – PR Executive
Donna Wise - Marketing Strategist
Stan Schnitzer – Marketing Communication
Steve Roe – Financial Analyst
Laurie Kirkegaard – Non-Profit Specialist
Jim Kirkegaard - Non-Profit Specialist
Steven R Walker – Graphic Design
Lionel Slama – Architect
J Beth Povlo –  Sponsorships & Community Outreach
Jennifer Keck – Copy & Ad Writer
Zanthea Demetrius – Personal Assistant

Special thanks to:

Wakefield Beasley Associates
Lamar Wakefield
Jeremy Hull

Business Strategic Consulting, Environmental Management, Civil Engineering Services, Installation for Amusement Park Rides and Attraction Experts.

International Advisors

Stef Witteveen – Executive in The Netherlands
Jaap van Ek – Retired Executive in The Netherlands
Yoni Shapira – Land Heritage, Tourism & Miniature Specialist in Israel