About Mini America

Quick Overview

The landscape of America is as diverse as the people who live here. To experience all this great country has to offer could take more than one lifetime. Now, a new, family-oriented theme park, MINI AMERICA, will bring the beauty of our country and the inspiring story of the American Dream to life by allowing visitors to roam freely from coast to coast in just one day, stopping by their favorite landmarks or gazing upon spectacular vistas...all in miniature!

MINI AMERICA, is much more than just a theme park though; it is an all-encompassing, patriotic and uniquely American idea whose time has arrived. Taking advantage of the latest technology, the MINI AMERICA brand becomes a place both real and virtual where young and old alike from around the country and the world can be educated, entertained and inspired in a sustainable environment in the park and through a variety of interconnected on-line programs and communities.

In addition to celebrating our great land, this state-of-the-art theme park with miniature versions of America's most well-known locations will become a place where people can share their amazing stories of striving for and achieving the American Dream inspiring others with the entrepreneurial spirit that has always driven our country to lead the world.


Our mission is to inspire and motivate you, and all visitors, to become innovators and entrepreneurs, to follow the American Dream, thereby stimulating the American economy by providing resources, education, and entertainment. In doing so, We the People, are roused to motivate, give back to others, and pursue our [individual and collective] definition of the American Dream. “E Pluribus Unum” means united as one [Latin: out of many, one]. Let us unite to pursue our goals through care, commitment, hard work, and together, make a difference. Live the American Dream.