What is Mini America?

Mini America is an educational theme park with famous American landmarks and moving miniatures. It is the place, where America comes alive in miniature!

Just like other theme parks, Mini America wants you to have a great time and be happy. So what differentiates us from other theme parks? Well, it is our goal and purpose to inspire and motivate you, and all visitors, to become innovators and entrepreneurs, to follow that American Dream, thereby stimulating the American economy.

You have the opportunity to be a part of history by being involved and taking part in developing Mini America in so many ways. In addition, you are helping to grow our local economy as we advocate and offer Made in America products and services.

Join us, as there is something for everyone and find out how you can be involved as a volunteer, an advisor, an intern, an employee or as an investor. Support us, and experience what it is like to be settler, trailblazer, pioneer or even a mini founding father.

The American Dream is alive and well, and together with you, we declare that America is the best country in the world to make your Dreams come true. Now it is up to you, as you have to do something about it. Contact us today and share your love for America.