• Welcome to Mini America,

    to Mini America,

    where you can interact with your proud history, experience the true spirit of America, and be inspired to help shape our future. Read More
  • We are a premier

    We are a premier

    educational theme park and virtual experience where America comes alive in miniature.

    All theme parks stress happiness; we want you to be happy and to motivate and empower you to take action.
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  • You’ll be transformed,

    You’ll be transformed,

    and leave with a passion to discover your own power to change America for the better.

    Now enjoy and experience our products and programs. They will touch the mind, heart and soul of each American and global visitor at the individual level.
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  • We are developing

    We are developing

    Mini America and the Mini America Dream Institute in this Park with a Purpose, where ultimately you can walk from New York City to L.A. Let’s get started… Read More
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The Land

Mini America will bring the beauty of our country and the inspiring story of the American Dream to life allowing visitors to experience their favorite landmarks and spectacular vistas – all in miniature. 

We, believe in the spirit of America, and its great citizens, and wholeheartedly support the American Dream. We are a country founded on the strength of the individual.  We can move mountains together and work toward prosperity for all, making our country the best it can be. Together, we can support products made in America, and create jobs for Americans. Together, we can celebrate the history of our great nation, and propel it forward for a prosperous future for us, and for our children.

Mini America Development

  • American Dream
  • Real Estate
  • Virtual Reality
  • The Vision

Mini America inspires visitors to become Innovators and Entrepreneurs to pursue The American Dream




Mini America is partnering with landowners, working with cities and counties on public-private partnerships as well as acquiring land across the USA

Mini America is expanding its IT presence by developing a Virtual Reality Experience; The Mini America Game and App

image Mini America is developing a Visitor and Welcome Center, Interior & Exterior Gardens where America comes alive in Miniature


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Our Management Team


Mini America Indoor Experience

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Ride the Dream!

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Made in the USA

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Sustain & L.E.E.D. America

L.E.E.D., Energy & The Environment

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